Block Paving


A new driveway will enhance and add value to your home from the moment it is installed. Every step of the way we ensure that your driveway design is completed to your complete satisfaction. 

We can help you choose the design and colours to best complement your home by providing drawings and samples of materials etc.

We only use the best material to ensure your driveway lasts many years to come.


Block paving, when laid properly is incredibly durable. Providing the sub base is substantial the driveway will not to crack, sink, dip or have anything grow through it. Hence the quality of the sub base is of paramount importance in providing permanence. 

Block paving laid by Henderson Driveways comes with a guarantee, which we are able to provide due to the quality of the foundations we lay.

We have a combination of the latest driveway systems available and traditional methods that mean we can cater to any driveway requirement. We will work with you to advise on the best solution for your requirements and explain the installation process. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or futuristic finish, we have the designs and materials available to of fer the perfect solution

As part of our design / installation process we always consider water channels and drainage to ensure no water damage is incurred once your new driveway is complete. We can also pave over any manholes so that they fit in with the new design and look more subtle and discreet.

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